Saturday, September 23, 2017

Calaveras Guardian: Deer, bear, all critters welcome! Problem with the world is TOO MANY DAMN PEOPLE!!

   Since it is killing season for those who love killing innocent animals, we are issuing an invitation to deer, bear and any other horrified creature being shot at by the gun thugs.

   You are all invited to our
property. We have apples left, grapes, blackberries, and you beautiful deer are welcome to our 3 dozen rose bushes.  We also keep a wading pool of water full and tubs for drinking.

   Our neighbors fear and hate you, but we will always respect, honor and love you for making out
lives more worthwhile.  

  So, come on over and bring your friends. We are even adding more fruit for you for next year. And more blackberries with BIG stickers to keep the crazy neighbors out!!

   You have very little natural habitat left in Ebbetts Pass, what with SPI removing the trees, the bushes and all life sustaining plants from their land.  Never thought there were so many hateful people in the woods!  We'll stick to the wildlife! 

   Seed for the three dozen or so quail who live here, and for pigeons, one and all, not to mention all the visiting birds who come and go in Ebbetts Pass.

   We want to thank all the other wonderful people who have also opened up their land to the poor animals so they can escape the killers.

   It's true that the real problem with the world is TOO MANY DAMN PEOPLE!!!


Anonymous said...

Sound like you've got one or more of the dreaded "D" people nearby. Are they Drunks, Dotards, Deranged or Dirty???

I'm with you. Love the animals first!!

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Fish and Game hangs out near there and the Red Apple. Easier pickins. They don't like to work when they hunt or trap!! lol