Sunday, September 24, 2017

Smoke Check in Avery area

   UPDATE:  This was apparently an illegal burn pile. It was not logged as a fire.  It is true that CalFire does appear to protect SPI. Why, we do not understand. So many of the fires are caused by their debris burns. They should owe millions in fines and or fees!!!

  White smoke has been spotted in the Love Creek near Douds Landing in Avery.  CalFire is going out to do a smoke check.

   A plane in the area is notifying dispatch of smoke.  Burning is still banned. The fire danger is still high.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know and keep us informed if you can! That is close!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did this get put out??

Anonymous said...

Why is Calfire being so quiet about what this was about? And neighbor said that they heard that a medic was callee and that it wasn't Pinebrook? Calfire is absent of information on this one sounds suspicious maybe it was SPI ativity?