Saturday, September 23, 2017

BUZZ-SAW of Distrct 3: Is Jeff Crovitz leaving because of Calaveras' Oliveira?

   Calaveras County does not have a good reputation for its treatment of department heads. They either stand their ground and get yelled at or they
leave for greener pastures.

   After Chair Oliveira got testy about his stupid "'MOOSE-Gate bridge to nowhere" Public Works Director Jeff Crovitz, who stood by these elected board members through the Butte Fire and all their other problems, seemed to change his attitude.

  Now we hear that in CLOSED SESSION they have hired Manuel Lopez (former temporary CAO) to overee and act as a Consultant for Public Works.  We understand his contract is dated the 12th!!

   It seems that Oliveira cannot keep his mouth quiet, always wants things his way, and when HE screws up, blames it on others!!  At least he is OUT in December!!!

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