Thursday, September 21, 2017

Don't be FOOLED by Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio election campaign!!

   We all know you have to be careful these days.  With a President like Trump, the corruption goes all the way down the line, especially in law enforcement.

   We have been told that a woman who claims not to have anything to do with the election campaign of the unqualified and incompetent DiBasilio, actually is VERY involved.

   She is even planning a dinner to raise money in order to help make the current appointed Sheriff look good.  Corruption from the top down and the bottom up. DO NOT BE FOOLED by these corrupt individuals!!


Anonymous said...

Are you saying they don't care how many women he sleeps with or how honest he is or isn't??

Anonymous said...

Yeah and he doen't fool everyone. His wife has threatened him that he better stay away from one woman in particular. At least til after the election.