Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Calaveras Grand Jury investigating Sheriff DiBasilio??

   We sent an email to the Calaveras Board of Supervisors and CAO Tim Lutz questioning the actions of temporary Sheriff DiBasilio regarding monies used and the raiding
cannabis farms.

   DiBasilio has been using this cannabis as a DANGEROUS EVIL and to help him get elected Sheriff, calling TV stations and sending out Press Releases!!  What is wrong with him???

  We first asked Peter Maurer if DiBasilio got the list of farms to raid from the Planning Department applications for permits to grow?  Maurer said he didn't have all the details but that some had been denied permits.

   Now we are asking for a list of the properties raided and if they were indeed on the permit application list, unlike what DiBasilio told the press (he said his deputies had found them in their investigations).

   Then we asked if there was yet a Grand Jury investigation into the misappropriation or misuse or malfeasance of county funds, as alluded to by the County Auditor?  We will check on that!

  And is the Board of Supervisors planning to remove DiBasilio from his temporary Sheriff position as a result of poor judgment and misuse of county funds?  We will let you know what we get as a reply.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the good old sheriff got caught with the ordinary activities that are regular in this county. I understand the state is in gear to investigate county mis appropriations as well. Rebecca is correct and is standing strong due to her involvement in the state investigation. FACT. Sheriff should be fired for this

Anonymous said...

Even if he reimburses the kitty he took the money from it just shows a glimpse of what really is taking place behind closed doors. It will be a good topic of questioning he will be grilled during his election campaign. I hope you are good at taking questions because I am well trained at asking and intend to put you Mr. Sheriff on the hot seat with an audience.