Saturday, September 2, 2017

City of Angels Camp cancelling Main Street business?

   If you ever wondered if the townspeople in Angels Camp are as judgmental and mean as some say they are, you should have attended the AC City Council meeting last week. The town never changes, little Peyton Place gossips!!

   They actually discussed, with Planning Director "Flubby's" own suggestion, that they do just that. We are sure the local church probably brought in a verdict long before the courts have.

   The mayor stopped the discussion and reminded people that NO ONE has yet been convicted of anything, so nothing should be done.  He's just concerned about a law suit against the City.
Angels Camp is best when its destroying businesses!!

   You can just go to the local dentist offices to hear all the sick gossip!  That's all they do there, is gossip!   We hear that one "B" is especially filthy minded, always talking about patients personal affairs and hates kids!

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