Tuesday, September 12, 2017

County COP (LOANS)--Goes back to Tryon/Callaway's 07-242

   The total of w hat is called COP (Certificates of Participation is $2.7 million.  We understand that this is what we still owe on loans from back in '07.

   That was the same year our Supervisors killed all growth with Tryon and Callaway's Res. 07-242, putting nearly all builders out of business for many years, along with costing jobs in all sectors of Calaveras County. This  also killed growth in tax revenue for the county.


Anonymous said...

Is this the way the government sneaks money to themselves without the voters approval/??

Anonymous said...

COP's are called Cops and Robbers cause the elected officials can borrow money without going to the voters like with a bond. yes, crooks!

Anonymous said...