Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Disaster Industrial Complex in the USA!!

  UPDATE:  This proposal by county staff to give another contract to Tetra Tech, was defeated, thanks to Garamendi and Tofanelli.  Oliveira was the only NO vote.  He apparently has friends at Tetra Tech.  Bad news Ollie!!!
   It used to be fear of the Military Industrial Complex that citizens had to consider; but things have changed.

   Now the BIGGEST industrial complex is for DISASTER.
Due to Climate Change, DISASTER is BIG Business in the US.  It's bigger than any construction..  It's about DE-Construction. Sound familiar. That' TRUMPS big plan--ear

   Supervisor Garamendi is questioning Tetra Tech about their continued bids on Calaveras County's many disasters.  They are not a local company, but are apparently headquartered in Florida.


Anonymous said...

So right! This is the new big business in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Tetra Tech, Phillips and Jordan, and others have invaded our county, treated people badly and left with millions and millions