Friday, September 8, 2017

Does your neighbor threaten you; scream and yell vile things??

   Again, I have been forced to report that my neighbor Patrick Strohmeyer (the CHP who was fired) has screamed and yelled and threatened me at my home....AGAIN!!

   After 21 years of living next door to the Strohmeyers,  perhaps you think we should be used to it, but I am still shocked each and every time.

   On Wednesday September 6, 2017 around 12 Noon, I stepped outside my back door and immediately noticed Patrick Strohmeyer in his driveway.

   We attempted to get along with them after living next door for 21 years, but stopped inviting them onto our patio when we realized their volatile behavior, even to each other and when referring to others in a conversation.

   We have even had Karen Strohmeyer call and warn that they would poison our wonderful old dog Hunner and then two days later, he was poisoned!!  They have warned us that WE should move!!!

  Strohmeyer began yelling and screaming and calling me names in a very threatening manner. It was too late to go back inside, so I walked around the corner of my house and out to the back, where I planned to move my sprinkler.

  As I reported to the Calaveras Sheriff, Strohmeyer doesn't like it that we write about anti-racism and dirty cops in the, and has been ordered by the court to pay us money.

   Will the Calaveras Sheriff do anything about this man? He says he wants to protect those in rural areas and form 'neighborhood watch" groups.

   If he and his SGT. Stark can't even control this kind of violence, then how can they possibly protect any of us!!

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