Friday, September 15, 2017

Good luck with trying to Centralize, CAO Lutz

   After listening to the budget hearings, with our new Calaveras CAO Lutz explaining the benefits of centralizing the PIO
and vehicles, etc. we sent him a note.

   The PRESS is most important, as it is the eyes of the public into what is going on at the county. Since secrecy is the name of the game in Calaveras politics, most likely every department, especially the Sheriff, will fight this. 

   And that means a real PIO, not a propagandist, who doesn't want to answer questions from the press, but only wants to send out positive campaign type rhetoric!
   In that note we commend him for his efforts to centralize everything, but that we are aware of how many have tried in the past.  Little kingdoms in each department will fight him and we have to wish him good luck.

   In the name of transparency and openness, and also for the financial benefit of taxpayers, we hope he succeeds.

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