Friday, September 1, 2017

Hey Idiots! (Calaveras County Board of Supervisors)

     Letter to

     University of Washington professor Dr. John Gastil wrote in his book, Democracy in Small Groups, "When taken to extremes, exceedingly long meetings can reduce group members willingness to attend at all, which creates an inclusiveness problem."

   Why you can't you see the problems with your board meetings lasting 'twice' as long as need be shows that you are stupid, ignorant or both.

   I see that one supervisor wants to do away with evening meetings.  Those meetings are meant to increase participation; not viewers.

   Most all city councils and city planning commissions have only evening meetings because most members of the public have 9-5 jobs that would not allow them to easily attend daytime meetings.

   It can be argued  that because of the length of the agenda and long hours that the Calaveras county Board of Supervisors meets are .."Open Meeting".

  There is something wrong all of you!

   With tolerance,

  Carlos "Carl") Stoughton

   P.S. Exactly what Hawaiian island is part of Calaveras county, District 1 and is Danville, California going to be the next Calaveras County seat?

   Maybe some supervisors need to spend more time in the county attending weekly Board of Supervisor meetings? Soon the public may figure out why some supervisors only want twice a month meetings.

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