Thursday, September 14, 2017

Is Supervisor Mills wife his paid assistant??

   There has been unbelievable amount of criticism aimed at Supervisor Mills since his election last fall.

   Voters stated that he lied
to them; about cannabis and about whether he was an extremist alt-right politically. He and his wife have been controlling the right wing of the Republican Party in Calaveras for quite some time now.

   There is no MODERATE, or business wing in the Republican Party! Only extremists, like the Mills, are involved.

 Voters regularly come before the board to complain about Mills and his wife. The most recent was regarding his secretive email plan and his court cases regarding money he owes.

   Then we received a tip that his wife was now being paid as his assistant. The Clerk of the Board of Supervisors now says that she is not aware of this if it's true.


Anonymous said...

She is always there. I hear he's not allowed to drive, that she's the driver. Is it because of DUI's?

Anonymous said...

Each supe has some capital to use while in office for their work. He has mentioned he ran out of funds. He does pay his wife but it is just a front to keep the funds for himself to pay his other debts. He will probably end up a congressman with this type of behavior or replace McClintock because they are all crooked liers. HE is by far the worst elected official this county has ever seen.