Sunday, September 10, 2017

Lawsuit against Calaveras County Sheriff--Corruption in Calaveras County

  As most of our readers know, the Calaveras County Sheriff has denied the owner of the the  rights of protection from racists, dirty cops and his deputies for years now.

   The County Counsel, Megan Stedtfeld, is helping the Sheriff continue this corruption, in our opinion. She refused to conduct an investigation into Heather Gordon and DiBasilio's conspiracy a year ago.

   The District Attorny Yook is also involved, as you will see in our documentation. Her conflict of interest due to her husband's connection with DiBasilio is her reason.  Corruption at each level of law enforcement.

   Kuntz, and now DiBasilio, is being sued for civil rights violations involving the very deputy that we made a formal complaint of in 2016. 

  DiBasilio, we feel, ordered his deputies, one of them being Gordon to deny us our rights, our FIRST AMENDMENT rights, to free speech in the  

   This Sheriff encourages the RACISTS, even one who threatened the President, to continue his criminal activities against women... No charges were ever filed!!!

   We will be contacting the attorney representing the already filed case in court, to offer our testimony and assistance.  The Calaveras County corruption has got to STOP!!


Anonymous said...

It's about time somebody stopped this bunch of crooks.


How do I get involved in this lawsuit I want to file a lawsuit against a other sheriff in San Andreas


Let me guess was the sheriff name chad poortinga