Sunday, September 10, 2017

Others whose civil rights were violated by Calaveras Sheriff

   Are there others in Calaveras County, especially women, who feel that their civil rights have been violated by Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio and his band of renegade corruption.

   We are taking name and numbers and would like to hear your story, as we feel many here in this county have been violated  by the Sheriff and County Counsel and DA and Supervisor Oliveira

   Oliveira is the one who insisted the county appoint DiBasilio in order to preserve the way the 'good ol boys' of Calaveras have of doing things.  And Deputy Gordon was simply not the only corrupt deputy the force; still isn't. 

   Send an email to and we will contact you, anonymously if you wish. The corruption in Calaveras needs to STOP!!

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Anonymous said...

There's probably dozens, but many may be afraid. These cops threaten to get even.