Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pellet guns cause painful, torturous deaths

  If you know anyone who thinks shooting a pellet gun at animals or birds is fun, call the looney bin! They should be arrested immediately.

   A man in Tiburon got mad because a doe and her fawn were eating his "expensive' bushes that he shot them, over and over again with a pellet gun! Then he watched them suffer and die.

     Authorities were notified. The two suffered massive amounts of wounds, lingering before finally dying from their wounds.  Crazy is not something that can be handled by law enforcement.

    This guy and any others who shoot animals illegally, should suffer the exact same fate as those innocent deer.

   Know anyone so crazy that they shoot onto someone else's land to torture and kill??  There is no cure for their sickness?

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Anonymous said...

You know looney bins don't exist anymore, right? It's called jail/prison now. Crazy people don't need help, just the key thrown away at John Q Taxpayers expense.