Sunday, September 10, 2017

The just wanted the crooked Sheriff's Office cleaned out!!!

   When the filed a complaint claim and asked for a full investigation into the Sheriff's Office, the intent was NOT to sue.  Captain Macedo must be in this up to his NECKERS!!!

   There is so much filth and corruption that even a Grand Jury complaint about Kuntz was thrown out by campaigners of his on the Grand Jury.  Something has to be done!!!  This bunch only arrests people it isn't in racist cahoots with!!

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Anonymous said...

The appointed sheriff has stated on record he doesn't like doing the illegal abatements because of low arrests. When you get an abatement notice from the county and abate or they do you don't get in trouble. Sheriff only wants to cut down pot if he can arrest everyone. Legal to smoke in Calif. It has to be grown somewhere why not here? we pay them enough in canopy tax and fees?

Rural res is out for all outdoor grows. Rural Ag is ok with larger size parcels and setbacks, industrial is ok for indoor.

REGULATE and be done with this. If they ban this will go on forever! The many well placed lawsuits will be file the day after the ban.