Monday, September 4, 2017

Where is Oliveira's Moose-gate bridge???

   For months now the Calaveras Supervisor for District 3 Oliveira, has bragged that he is getting his private club, the Moose of Arnold, a new bridge.

   He now says no one knows for sure where the bridge the taxpayers have already paid for, is. Oh, it's somewhere in the middle of the US, we are told.

    Apparently no permits issued to allow it to pass through every state on its way to Blagen Road. CCWD has removed the old temporary bridge and the new rental bridge was scheduled to be completed by Tuesday. 

    Now CCWD cannot even access the water company's property.  The Moose have not had access to their building for nearly 8 months now.  Will Oliveiera's Moose-gate come back to haunt him in his 2018 re-election? 

   Word is that he loves to LOOK important, go to fancy meetings, especially out of town, and NEVER gets anything done.  The town of Arnold is suffering under his representation and this bridge to his Moose Lodge would have been the ONLY thing he had accomplished.

   Looks like he's screwed this one up, too!!!

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