Monday, September 11, 2017

Why Calaveras County Counsel never helps anyone???? Supervisor Oliveira White Supremacist????


   Calaveras County Counsel Megan Stedfeldt has problems.  It's obvious from her seeming inability to handle legal questions in the board room and her refusal to investigate law enforcement
in the county.

   Is it also true that her law school credentials are in question?  Is it true that she was forcibly
removed from a Closed Session of Supervisors by the Sheriff because Oliveira wants complete control of everything?

   Is it also true that Supervisor Oliveira has already convinced the rest of the Board to FIRE her at the end of her current contract?  They want someone who agrees with their White Supremacist and anti-cannabis belief system???

   Since the Calaveras Sheriff is more in question of corruption and abuse of power charges that Stedfeldt, is Supervisor Oliveira protecting our apparently crooked Sheriff?

   Is it true that Oliveira runs things at the County like a Nazi leader??  Does he love that temporary Sheriff DiBasilio had a swastika tattoo he had to remove?

   Are there any honorable management level employees left at the county?  Who was arrested for avoiding a DUI checkpoint??

   Why does this board of Supervisors seem so ignorant and extremist alt-right in all their views, bringing religion into nearly every decision?  Something has gone haywire in Calaveras!!


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We all love the LEAKS!!