Friday, September 15, 2017

Why is "bridge to nowhere" more important that childrens safe route to school???

   It came up at the September 12, 2017 Calaveras Supervisors meeting that they spent a lot of money trying to get Supervisor Oliveira re-elected by buying (or renting) a temporary bridge
to his fellow Moose club in Arnold.

   Now the bridge is missing and people are wondering why the Valley Springs Elementary School children are faced with danger every day due to inadequate traffic safety controls at the school.

  Supervisor Tofanelli said that for 20 years VS school has had so much growth and has been asking the county to improve pick up and drop off for children at the school. 

   Oliveira did not want to take a poll on this problem, but referred it to public works to put them in line to get funding for a study maybe next year.  Funny, his MOOSE-Gate bridge did not have to wait!! 

   Why are children put in line behind Supervisor Oliveira's private club???  This is the bridge that is now MISSING!!

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so true. so true