Thursday, September 14, 2017

Why is City of Angels negotiating with Post Office??

   The City of Angels Camp does some of the dumbest things we have ever seen a city attempt. It is on the agenda for
Tuesday, September  18, 2017. Mary Kelly seems intent on outdoing ever her predecessor in corruption and embarrassment for the city. (The City that should not BE a city)

  But the City of Angels Camp, who should not even be a city per the Grand Jury of Angels Camp, beats its old record every time.

   Why on earth is it negotiating anything wit the Post Office?  What a total waste of taxpayer money?  What malfeasance!  Incompetence and fiduciary irresponsibility!

   Other than this closed session item on the Post Office, there is nothing important on the agenda at all. Why does Mary Kelly waste time with meetings. So the councilpeople can get money???

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