Monday, August 13, 2018

Letter to the Editor: 4 years of nothing?

   Dear Sierra Sentinel editor:

    I admit that I made the mistake of voting for Michael Olivera for Supervisor last time. He made lots of promises to all of us to fix all the problems.

   Now he says it took him 4 years to figure out what was wrong and if we give him another 4 years he will work on fixing things? 

   I think this man is, as has been written in your site, a LIAR, an opportunist and I'll add my own opinion, a DRUNK!!

   I am voting to bring Callaway back. If there is anything I cannot stand its liars!

   W in Ebbetts Pass


Anonymous said...

HE makes a lot of money off us and has done nothing. coulsn't even get the bridges right.

Anonymous said...

He really messed up on the bridges. He just doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

He could have been good if he stayed away from the losers like muetts, preton, stroms, banmcmanus and the montgomry woman