Thursday, July 13, 2017

CHP arrest DUI driver in Valley Springs

   According to CHP on July 12, 2017 around 5:50 PM Laurie Jones (54) of Valley Springs was driving at 2009 Chrysler 300 on Hwy 26 west of Hogan Dam Road after consuming alcoholic beverages.

   Jones was approaching Hogan Dam road at a high rate of speed, and as she came to a curve to her left, she continue straight and ran off the south side of Hwy 26 and through a wire fence into a grass field.

   Jones continue at a high rate of speed, fishtailing out of control. As she made a turn to the left, she ran through the fence a second time.

   Jones then drove across Hwy 26 where she nearly ran head on with a vehicle traveling westbound before running off the north side of Hwy 26 into another grass field.

   Jones continued and made a turn to the right back towards the highway, finally coming to a stop when she got stuck in a dirt gutter just north of the roadway edge.

   No one was injured in the collision. Jones was arrested for driving under the influence and per CHP faces criminal charges resulting from the incident.


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