Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Letter to the Editor: What is patriotism??

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

    Over the many years of my life I have struggled with the fact that our government, regardless of who is in the White House, seems to make us feel guilty if we don't like wars.

    The propaganda put out is always that you are only a PATRIOT if you want to send our young men (most of whom are poor and minorities) to some war in a foreign country.

   I've always felt that patriotism is taking care of OUR country and its citizens here at home.  Now, I don't want to accuse administrations of using war to try and rid our country of minorities, but it has crossed my mind.

   I am a patriot and I oppose war of any kind.  I also don't want to make the manufacturers of guns and other weapons, richer on my tax money.

   Yesterday was the 4th of July, our patriotic holiday.  I refused to celebrate with violence in the form of fireworks. Does that also make me unpatriotic.

    I say, BE A Patriot!! Stand up against violence and wars of any kind.  Don't be afraid of the President or his mouthpieces who promote war as a patriotic duty that will save America.

   Stand up and RESIST!!!

   A Calaveras County PATRIOT!!!


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Anonymous said...

I think one thing it isn't is saluting the piece of material known as te flag.