Thursday, July 6, 2017

Marriage license in Calaveras County

  The following couples were issued marriage licenses in Calaveras County during June 2017:

    Stephen Edwards Hannigan and Shannon Lea Mason on June 12, 2017,

    Kael Hunter Smith and Chelsea Louise Ruthrauff on June 14, 2017,

     Brandon Troy Hawkins and Courtney Rachelle Squires on June 16, 2017,

   Adrianne Michael Plowman and Noah Joseph Flores on June 16,2017,

   Sean Joseph Neuschmid and Sandra Rincon on June 16, 2017,

  Christopher Ryan Smith and Nicole Elizabeth Guthrie  on June 19, 2017,

   Natalie Renee Manion and Joshua Steven Starkey on June 19, 2017,

   Patrick Alexander Bowman and  Wendy Lynn Glaspie on June 21, 2017,

   Charles David Boyce and Simone Franco de Andrade on June 22, 2017,

   Michael John Golubski and Deborah Illeene Clinton on June 26, 2017,

    Garrett Ryan Porter and Allyssa Jeanette Kimball on June 26, 2017,

   Edgar Araujo Gomez and Bianca Patino Botello on June 26, 2017,

   Tamara Marie Sutton and Lauralee Pounds on June 26, 2017,

   Jennifer Mae Newell and Brent Merlin Ross on June 27, 2017.










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