Tuesday, July 18, 2017

OP-ED: Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio says "NO" free speech about Dirty Cops!!

   In a statement we received directly from a female deputy with temporary Sheriff DiBasilio listening in, we were told that NO FREE SPEECH if it is telling about criminal behavior by Dirty Cops!!

   In fact, this woman said specifically that we have NO right to write about the Strohmeyers criminal activities we witness because he's a one-time FIRED  CHP whom they love, but we know what he is really like, from his FILTHY mouth to his RACIST hatred!

   We have heard him blame his being fired from CHP because a woman lied!  He blames everything that happens to him on some woman lying, he told me. 

Until you've lived just down from these two you could never have any idea how crazy they are. We do!!!  We have over 100 copies of police reports against them and a District Attorney report when they were interviewed. 

   However, the Strohmeyers, DiBasilio's deputy was told to say, have freedom to trespass, cut down (well documented) over 100 of our trees, without any fear of arrest or charges.

   The Strohmeyers have the right to threaten, poison our dogs, throw things at us and many other insane things like blasting their horns at us, all because whether you are a dirty cop or not, DiBasilio loves them.

   They have screamed at each other while we have been forced to listen, for over 20 years. Now they scream that we better MOVE;  that they will continue to hurt our animals and other criminal conduct until WE move.  They want only THEIR kind here, is what they have told me.

   As we reported in court the last time we were there against them, this is NOT about Strohmeyer, but the man that Karen Strohmeyer told me she simply can't be without.  MICHAEL PRESTON!!!

   "Ill do anything for him!"  "I love him!"  "He's a real man!"  She denies only one thing that I stated in court and that is that she told me he own husband is "A LOSER!"

   Hey, Strohmeyers!! WE will NEVER move!! You are the ones who do not belong here!  There are proper places for racists and dirty cops to live!!!

   We believe that DiBasilio needs to be exposed, that his protection of criminal ex-cops is despicable and he is therefore; unfit for the office!!

   We are doing a special report on this deputy, a female, which will be published here. How does a cop turn bad???


Anonymous said...

What? If I want to write on my facebook page about dirty cops I know, i'm not allowed. is that right basilio??? Maybe you should NOT be a cop at all, much less a sheriff.

Anonymous said...

that deputy is wrong to say that ;;If you're a dirty cop or whatever, if you get fire or whatever, you are a public peace office and any one can write what happened.
In the case of Strohmeyer, every single paper in Northern California almost wrote about him being fire, being arrested and charged. and going on trial.
Mr Basilio is wrong!!! If you do the deed, you deserve the wrath of whomever wants to write about you.
If you don't want to have bad things said about you, DON"T do the bad things!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I agree with the premise that no cop should honor a bad cop, do favors for a bad cop, or even recognize a bad cop. Wht you're sayng is that its ok, cause i'm bad too.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha go get em. sentinel

Anonymous said...

This is all part of that bad bunch on Cedar and blue jay, right? Is Steve Buis mixed up with this nut?

Anonymous said...

I thought that CHP guy moved away long ago. I would hide if I were him.