Wednesday, July 19, 2017

To the Calaveras Democrats--Focus on Sheriff and District 3 & 4 Supervisors

Go break into innocent people's
homes, break down their doors! And
don't forget to smell the panties!!!
   With the 2018 elections just around the corner, the Democrats are wise to pick and choose their battles in Calaveras County.

   If we were making the choices, we would totally IGNORE the state offices, the Republicans in those seats have absolutely NO power.

  Focus instead,
on getting rid of a corrupt temporary Calaveras Sheriff and the District 3 and 4 Supervisors who control him, Oliveira and Mills.

   The other important office to concentrate on (one that really matters) is that Tom (RAT)
McClintock, who thinks TRUMP is a queen! (perhaps he is)

   The numbers in the House matter!  And McClintock is one of the worst!

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