Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Every time COPS defend and protect a DIRTY COP....DiBasilio 'bottom of the barrel'!!

   If you ever wondered how entire police departments, sheriff's offices, get horrid reputations, you can look at one overriding problem they have.

   The so-called brotherhood of cops (bad or good) ruin any semblance of a decent group of officers. They really believe they should cover for and defend the DIRTY ONES!!! Sad, but true.

    And Calaveras County is one of the worst we have EVER seen.  DiBasilio is the worst example of this behavior, and it proves he is also a dirty cop if he covers for or defends another DIRTY COP.

   DiBasilio was temporarily appointed by the Calaveras Supervisors at the urging of District 3 Supervisor Oliveira because 'he does what I tell him' and was the 'bottom of the barrel' as far as qualified goes. 

    Why would ANY county want the bottom of the barrel choice to lead their law enforcement? In order to keep all the secrets of corruption continuing forever, is the only reason we can think of. DO NOT vote for DiBasilio! He is the worst of the worst!!


Anonymous said...

No one can deny he was the most Unqualified person who applied, but you're right. he does what oliveira and mills tells him. nothing to do with being a good officer.

Anonymous said...

Show us your swastika dibasilio