Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Greg Stark, bad cop pretending to be GOOD cop??? PHONY rural area help???

   The Calaveras Sheriff's Office just sent out an email falsely announcing that DiBasilio, who is NOW running for office,
wants to HELP people in rural areas with their crimes.

   Now that is a JOKE!!  We know Stark.  He know him to be a bad cop pretending suddenly to be a good cop? He ignored our pleas for help from trespassing and other crimes by a dirty cop friend of his.

    He is bad news and this is nothing more than a campaign using our tax dollars to help DiBasilio get elected Sheriff.  We recommend NO one believe a word Stark or DiBasilio says.

   When criminals are helping criminals, no one is safe in this county. and believe me, we at the Sierra Sentinel know!! 

   In addition to everything else this Sheriff's office is now guilty of MORE malfeasance, using TAX DOLLARS to try and help his campaign!

   USE you own money, DiBasilio.  Your corruption makes us sick!!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Everyone knows. Kuntz did this to try to help his re-eletion too. Corruption everywhere. He will probably put dirty cops and criminals as neighborhood watchers. Would you run to your neighbor dirtyl cops house if in trouble? NOOOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

Dibasilo must be looking for a new girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Show is your tattoos like your bosses,

Anonymous said...

DiBasio is most likely afraid someone like this might run against him, so he puts him in a worthless job. never works. criminals run it.