Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mr. BigPot taking money at personal address

Mr. BigPot's best friends are
Mr. "SHOOT THE N***** president",
Preston and "Five time loser" Oliveira, along with
the Mutts, all gun thugs of EP!
  We believe the IRS should be notified and the county needs to check for a business license or non-profit status for Mr. BigPot McmAnus's newest con to make money.  We are checking into this newest of what we believe are a series of scams in Calaveras County???

   He is taking money at his personal P.O. Box in Murphys and even has set up a website.  If you send this man money, we believe you are making a big mistake. Changing the name doesn't free you from
legal consequences, Mr. BigPot. 

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Anonymous said...

Save Calaveras County. Ban McManus,preston,stormyte,mutts and olivera. yay!