Thursday, September 14, 2017

Shocking emails between Calaveras Supervisor Mills and supporters

   Emails now made public between Calaveras Supervisor Mills and Benjamin Stopper on December 26, 2017 are absolutely shocking.

  Mills explains to his supporter how to avoid the public reading the emails between them; not to send them to, but to, a private email.

   This is the corrupt way that Mr. Mills apparently handles the Brown Act and his lack of respect to the public is clear.  He reminds Mr. Stopper not to hit "reply all" when letting his friends know what Mills says.

   Mills also explains to Mr. Stopper not to attach others to the email between them, because the public might see them too.  I do not believe we have ever seen a more corrupt individual in elective office in this county. 

   Mills deserves to be recalled!  He is in our opinion a crook!!! Not worthy of any public position or responsibility to the voters.

  Mr. Mills included his phone number in one email, 209-559-2400

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Anonymous said...

WOW how bad will this get. He is the poster child for political gains for himself. What two faced scum