Thursday, September 7, 2017

One thing we've learned, Merita...If you can't handle the truth....stay out!!!

   That is correct!  If there is one thing about running for office that we've learned, it's that if you can't handle hearing the truth, you have no business running.

   This has become apparent with Merita Callaway, who has been talking about attempting to retake her Supervisor job.

   Perhaps it's her age, but we realize that she is unable to recognize and accept the truth about her weaknesses and misjudgments.

   We do not believe she could possible, based on what we've learned, take back the position she spent 25 years in,  it's just not possible!!! You must live in reality, Ms. Callaway!!!

   We are, however, hoping that someone younger and wiser, will run against the most horrible elected official Calaveras County has ever had, gun thug Oliveira!

     We are looking to support someone who can handle the truth and accept the facts as they are!! That person must live in reality!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, MErita is old now. need new blood.