Thursday, September 7, 2017

Postal Clerks cannot run businesses!! Callaway campaign committee???

  Get a grip, Arnold!  Nothing personal, but how can a postal clerk be expected to run a business or a business organization.

   Perhaps a parade, but nothing more than that.  Something is very wrong in Arnold. That's why the highway looks like it does. Decrepit buildings, falling down, empty, for sale properties!!

   Drive slowly down Hwy 4 through Arnold. It is so obvious that the town is being destroyed from within the political and business organization who just doesn't get it!!

   Merita Callaway, who is the main focus of the GABA group, is just not thinking clearly. GABA cannot be a campaign committee for a person who doesn't get business and encourages people to run it who couldn't possibly fix the problems'!! 

   Yes, Supervisor Oliveira is bad. A gun nut who has no time for Arnold and spends his time at his Bay Area home, needs to be replaced.  But not with going back to Callaway!!!

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Anonymous said...

Well, that is totally true. PO loses billions every quarter. no clue.