Friday, March 21, 2014

The Official Ousting of Tea Party McClintock

Voters are fed up with
McClintock, who does
nothing to help
our area!
   Everyone's talking about it! It's the OUSTING of Tea Party McClintock, who doesn't care one bit about Republicans or Democrats in the District he is allowed to represent; indeed. the district in which he is way too good to live.

   All the right wing wacko blogs are writing about the OUSTING!. This is the nationwide push to "crush" the Tea Party candidates and try to resume getting some work done in DC, for the people.

   If regular Republicans (many of whom have left the party to become NPP) and Democrats vote together, we can get rid of McClintock and send him and his Carpetbags back to LA, where he comes from and belongs. 

   A Democrat cannot be elected in this very conservative district, but  after speaking to Art Moore, who is a sensible Republican, we can recommend to everyone that he is a welcome alternative to anyone in the Tea Party.

   We hear he attended Irish Day in Murphys last weekend. Where was the Tea Party incumbent?

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