Friday, March 21, 2014

Letter to the Editor....About the Candy Rock Shooting Range

   Dear Editor:

   I don't live next door to the Candy Rock Shooting Range that the US Forest Service runs. I do, however have acquaintances who do.

   The reason this is a giant issue in the District 3 elections is NOT just because there are bad people who use this gun range in improper and illegal ways that affect those neighbors.

   This is because is reflects the attitude of the Supervisor and Law Enforcement about all of District 3 residents regarding whether they truly care about OUR problems or not. 

   In your recent article, where you asked each Supervisorial Candidate for election where they stood on the issue, Mr. Borean stated that he is a shooter, but would NEVER use Candy Rock, because of the close proximity to homes. I appreciated that.

   Ms. Callaway stated that she hoped the USFS would soon make a decision on what to do about the range.

   The third candidate, however, refused to make a statement and since then everyone in District 3 has become aware that keeping this range open for his personal friends is his main focus in running. Nothing else!

   In my opinion, this means that candidate could care less about any of us who live here and only about the crazy gun wackos who filthy up  that area and violate other laws shooting there.

   It clearly means that this candidate will not take care of the constituents if elected.  It would, therefore in my opinion, be a big mistake to ever elect someone like this. 

   I haven't decided between Callaway and Borean, but one thing is clear, that I will not vote for the third candidate, which I have heard many other negative things about.

   Thank you for listening.

   Ebbetts Pass voters


Anonymous said...

Be careful. If you make it public that you oppose these shooters, your life could be threatened. Ask the owners of the Sierra Sentinel. Since they went public with their opinion that Candy Rock should be closed, they have been constantly threatened and harassed with Sheriff Kuntz blessing. They told me all about it.

Anonymous said...

Are you Kidding? Everyone in Arnold knows about what is going on and what Kuntz encourages to go one. Why do you think everyone knows we have to get rid of him. No one should be threatened or harassed by these crazies. Kuntz is the real problem, but I also won't vote for anyone who is close friends with these people.

Anonymous said...

Callaway is the PROBLEM TOO!! She shrugs off any "controversial" decisions onto others...the Forest Service, but makes no public stand because she is in bed with her buddies and if you think otherwise, you're mistaken. Under her reign, this has ALL continued and the District has gone to "pot" - BECAUSE of CORRUPT CALLAWAY!!