Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wanted: In Calaveras County

     The Calaveras Sheriff's department has released a Wanted poster for Shawn Jonathan Melcher (37) last known to have lived on Hogan Dam Road in Valley Springs.

   Melcher has tattoos on his left breast "Melcher"/ and Neck Tattoos.

    Melcher is wanted on a felony arrest warrant for various charges including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, child endangerment and evading a peach officer.
    Known to frequent the Valley Springs area, this subject is considered a fugitive and aiding, abetting, or assisting including helping him hide, keeping him in your home or providing financial assistance is a crime.

    Call 754-6500 if you see him, or for an anonymous tip call 754-6030.


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