Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bear Valley may vanish?

   After reading SFGate article online on March 18, 2014 about the Bear Valley Ski Resort, which does not appear to be able to pull out of the hard times of the Ebbetts Pass area, no one is surprised.

    Many have commented for years that they need to clean some of the long time office employees, among other suggestions that seem to go without ears at high management levels.

   The photo they took shows it all. On a Saturday, showing that one young person practically has the place to himself, is indicative of their problems.  It has been for sale for some time, but prospective buyers back out without signing.

   There is now talk of some homeowners, who moved their for the skiing, forming a co-operative to buy and operate the resort. The resort provides jobs to many locals in the winter months.


Anonymous said...

Why hasn't that city sl ker that mived up there some time back buy it. He's managed to chase every other business out of the mountain and try to run that particular business on his own and failed. The Alpine sherriff knows him well. He's a known issue on the mountain.

Anonymous said...

What is going on up there has been for years. They need to completely clean house and bring in new people in my opinion.