Friday, March 28, 2014

MyValleySprings bunch welcomes New Planning Director

   Colleen Platt, Secretary of the MyValleySprings board, welcomed Mr. Maurer, our most recent I mean new hire as Calaveras Planning Director, to the County.

   Joyce Techel, President, along with Platt, said they are looking forward to "working with you on the General Plan".   Nothing surprising there, since everyone knows this continues even now.

  MyValley Springs lists 34 donors, but has only 4 board members, which we believe are the exact same ones as when they started. Hmmmmmm?

   However, you never hear any quiet from them. They apparently have no life or take money for speaking against every project, picking it apart and criticizing everything, including the lighting. If you wonder where jobs are, ask Colleen Platt.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They're welcoming him because they know he will write whatever they tell him to write, just like the last one.