Sunday, March 16, 2014

Calaveras Planning Commissioner Plotnik demands name and signature

  A few months ago over in Tuolumne County, an elected official tried to force a member of the public to sign in
and give their name before speaking.

    After a major complaint, a letter and then a sort of apology.  They were NOT allowed to force people to give their names in order to speak.

   At last weeks Planning Commission meeting, where they passed along an approval for a pot store in an upstairs building in Arnold, one member of the public asked if she had to sign in.

   Michelle Plotnik intervened for the Chair and insisted that "YES, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO GIVE YOUR NAME AND SIGN IN."

   We watched and waited to see if anyone up there would tell the truth. Finally the acting County Cousel stopped the hearing and made the statement "NO, you are NOT required to sign in or to state your name in order to speak."  That violates the Brown Act, trying to force someone to sign in.

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