Monday, March 31, 2014

Save your cat--go to jail!!

   In Alaska over the weekend, a couple traversed 50 miles and then walked the rest of the way over an avalanche in order to save their sick cat.

   They were arrested for crossing over the avalanche. The sick cat was taken to the animal shelter. When the vet found out, he rescued the kitty and treated it.

    The owners weren't let out of jail until the next day.

    In another animal incident, a man was arrested after forgetting that he had tied his Chihuahua to the car bumper and dragging it nearly to death. The vet was able to save the pup. There is no hope for anyone who ties a dog to their bumper.

  A woman in Irving was arrested last night after getting allegedly drunk and crashing her car into two parked cars, killing her two sons.

   She is charged with manslaughter by the police. The best and the worst of humans in this world.

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