Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spellman gets his chance at Republicans meeting

Poor Spellman
Open mouth
Insert foot!!
   Supervisorial candidate Darren Spellman of District 5 in Rancho, got his opportunity to speak
at the Republican meeting in Angels Camp this week.

   We are told that he was doing fine until someone challenged his vote on the Mokelumne River Wild and Scenic resolution.

     As usual for Spellman, he became angry and confrontational. Typical Spellman incompetence and poor decision-making.  

    Was it the way he was raised that he cannot handle the questioning of his decisions? Something is definitely wrong with this man, who should never be an elected official.


Anonymous said...

That's Spellman. He's fine till he opens his mouth to speak.

Anonymous said...

The story of this guys political life!! We here in Rancho are now in the process of cutting of his speaking FOOT. lol