Friday, March 28, 2014

Sold your House for McClintock yet?

Poor Tommy Boy
   In yet another email slur of his fellow Republican and VETERAN Art Moore, who's running against him for Congress, the incumbent Congressman has begged for more money from his Tea Party buddies. That's you, right?

   You MUST sell your home and anything else you might own so that he can remain in his comfy place and screw up our district.   DO NOT DELAY!!  He needs every cent to slur veterans who dare to run against him.

    You must not even consider voting for the honorable person, the VETERAN Art Moore, who would try to help us out of our depression and who actually lives in our District, right? You do everything he tells you, right?

   The REAL Tom McClintock has come out at last!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Art has been meeting people all over the district and everyone that meets him can see he is the real deal. Shame on McClintock for his non-stop bashing of a veteran who won a bronze star. Was McClintock even in the military?