Tuesday, March 18, 2014

CCWD says spending your money wisely

CCWD (Calaveras County Water District) says they are spending your increased water and sewer rates wisely in a press release issued late March 17, 2014.
   They don't state how much of ratepayers in District 3 money is going to District 3, however. It is a well known fact that the largest number of CCWD ratepayers live in District 3, but the most work needs to be done in other districts with the lowest number of ratepayers.

   We are aware that they approved taking out another large loan in order to implement the work on Flood Mitigation in Jenny Lind, work is underway at the Jenny Lind Clearwell, and to   repair or replace the lift stations at Copper Cove/Poker Flat, where sewage has been reported leaking into Lake Tulloch.

    Then they state that Arnold/Mill Woods sewer connection is being completed.  They are only in the design stages of the first phase of replacing the water transmission line in Ebbetts Pass.

   They go on to talk about Fly-In Acres, where they charged what the residents there feel is an arm and a leg to hook up and CCWD says they will begin replacement of the water distribution lines there in April.

  We will be asking exactly how much each project is projected to cost and how long it will take to pay back the loan.  They are now filming their meetings, and the ratepayers should watch to learn exactly what is going on at CCWD with your Director.

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