Sunday, July 9, 2017

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira's extremist alt-right neo-nazi's.

If you have Oliveira campaign
signs posted on your neighbors
property facing only your land
and not viewable from any street,
you have smelly Neighbors from HELL!!
   We just received a tip, although we are not surprised, that Supervisor Oliveira (the WORST gun thug and racist Supervisor District 3 has EVER had), is having 100's of signs made.

   He and his thug Preston (white supremacist), as are all his committee members, we are told,
planning to put more and more signs up, NOT on the streets, but between property lines, by those who support the Nazi extremist and KKK policies and facing against those who despise him and his KKK ways, like the Sierra Sentinel.

   As we witnessed before, these signs, assisted by Karen Strohmeyer, cannot be seen from any street.
They are only to harass those who oppose the KKK lover, Oliveira!

   We have also heard those same violent extremists plan violence against those who won't support the kkk and Oliveira!!  We'll see!! All those who oppose this crazy people need to keep their hunting rifles by their doors!  They are a terrifying bunch of alt-right Nazi's!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, big surprise, NOT!

Anonymous said...

Looks like this campaign will be even more fraught with violence than his last one.

Anonymous said...

Who does everyone think is responsible for the peeping tom???

Anonymous said...

I've heard that usfs is frowning ontheir Calaveras kkk meetings at the usfs gun range.

Anonymous said...

Is that buis guy mixed up in this too. it's a big neighborhood long time battle over refusal to put in a road, crazy drunks, governmet emloyees drunks, and on and on.including cops, not good ones, tho