Monday, July 10, 2017

Is this the REAL Steven Buis???

So, is this your idea, Buis?? Or you and Behm and
Preston and let's see now.....who else???
This is  your land, with the camera facing US,
you putz!! Is Cal Fire in Sacramento
aware of your behavior?


     Was the blind and trap yours, since it was on your land. Are you the one who tortured some poor neighbors dog???  Tell us the truth, Buis!! You know where you put it, just to the left in this photo, on your land!!

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Anonymous said...

Is this Blue Jay Drive. I remember some druggies who lived on Cedar. Isn't BJ on Buis' land? He wants to be able to drive through YOUR land??? Is that it? By the way, who is the Red Jeep drunk I've heard about back there???

Anonymous said...

If preston is involved, then that stromyer is not far behind. follows him like a fat puppy dog, anywhere he goes. leader of the klan, you know!

Anonymous said...

This whole thing REEKS of conspiracy. Did it start with refusal of the road, then spread to their dislike of anti-racism in the Sierra Sentinel. How much does the FBI know already?

Anonymous said...

Preston has bragged about some woman he fools with doing whatever he says in that neighborhood. He says she's sick , but he likes them that way. I believe that!!!