Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The pious, innocent VP, Pence???? Waiting in the wings.....

  If we've learned anything at all about VP Pence, its that he signed on to cooperate fully in any chaos, insanity and corruption Trump would lead him into.

   All you have to do is watch that interview
with Bret Bair, where Pence volunteered (twice) that he never heard about Flynn's foreign entanglements before. Uh-huh??????

  Pence was the man in charge of the Transition team and had been told several times by different
authorities; but he never heard anything until the day Flynn was fired??

   His plan, of course, is to sit back and look pious and innocent, waiting to take over the Presidency after Trump is impeached.  He's not really fooling anyone anymore!!!

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