Sunday, January 27, 2013

12,000 Crocodiles

    South Africa was badly flooded last week, and due to the high water level, 12,000 crocodiles at a crocodile farm were washed into the water system.  Now that's a lot of croc!

One Great Postal Worker

   With all the negative things that have surfaced recently about postal clerks who are drunks, pathological liars, mentally ill, rude, harrassing customers and are in general, lazy, we have good news.

   Deborah Ford worked for the US Postal Service for 44 years and retired recently. What's so great about that?

    Ford never once, EVER took a single sick day in the entire 44 years. Congratulations on your retirement!

Injury Accident on Hwy 88

     An injury accident was reported to CHP at 2:10 PM at Hwy 88 and Kirkwood Meadows. An ambulance is enroute to the scene.

   The westbound lane is blocked. CHP is still enroute.

Brown Act Review at City Council - WHY?

   Since we all know that the Angels Camp City Council is getting around the Brown Act by having ADHOC committees,

Warning! The Brown Act is Back!

  Although many complain about Proposition 30 and what it will cost us, there was one silver lining buried inside that most people didn't even notice.

City Council Does What McHatten tells it to do!!

   McHatten, Angels Camp City Administrator, who we personally know does not care about the regular citizens or most businesses,

Complaint of Smoking Allowed on Playground

   Most of the public simply stays away from the Angels Camp City Council, which is actually run by certain friends of City Council

Mark Zuckerberg fundraising

   Mark Zuckerburg, owner of Facebook, is throwing a large fundraiser for Governor Chris Christie in his re-election campaign for governor.

20% of Available Angels Camp Water goes to....

   Where does 20% of the available potable water from UPA go in Angels Camp. Are you aware that the golfcourse at Greenhorn Creek has 20% diverted (promised) to them?

Tragic Accident in Pine Grove

   In what appears to have been a tragic accident, a mother and daughter were found under the ice in a pond near their home.

"NRA is instrument for ......

   Diane Feinstein was asked about the gun control proposals and the NRA.  Feinstein stated what the Sierra Sentinel has been saying ever since 20 babies were murdered with an AR

John Boehner says....

   Hard to believe, but John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives actually stated on film that President Obama is single handedly trying to "annihialate the Republican Party".

   We find that interesting, since it seems that the Republican Party doesn't need any help, and are handling that job just fine all by themselves.

Overturned car in Ebbetts Pass

  11:15 AM: CHP is still on the scene of an overturned vehicle on Hwy 4 at Hells Kitchen Vista in Ebbetts Pass that occurred at around 10:20 AM.

   The vehicle is blocking one lane. A tow truck has been dispatched. CHP is handling traffic control around the area.