Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So much for the Calaveras County Taxpayers Association

   What a shock!!  Al Segalla and his few followers of the Calaveras County Taxpayers Assn, want

Calaveras Supervisors get $2000 computers?

  What is going on? A member of the public mentioned heartburn when he learned that a Supervisor got a $2000 computer on our tax money. 

   When we asked, we were told that it was Supervisor Callaway who got  the present from us. Do they all get new computers?

Frog Hollow's Truck was located by the Ukiah office of the CHP

   June 12, 2013:  One suspect is in custody after the Ukiah CHP located the missing Frog Hollow truck, stolen on June 10, 2013. No other details are available at this time.


Grass Fire at Camanche

  June 12, 2013:   At 5:20 P we  received information that CalFire is battling a grass fire of about 3 acres on the Amador County side of Camanche Reservoir.

Royal Gorge Fire in Colorado 0% contained

   While there are several fires burning in Colorado at this time, the Royal Gorge fire is considered 0% contained and is 3800 acres as of noon today, June 12, 2013. Evacuations are in effect in entire area.

   The cause is still under investigation. No injuries have been reported.  We spoke to a resident in Denver. They said it feels like all of Colorado is burning.  They had the same problem last year. Californians know how they feel.

Hathaway Fire in San Bernardino National Forest

  We got an update on the Hathaway Fire in the San Bernardino National Forest at 2:55 PM. So far the fire has burned 2,850 acres and is 30% contained.

Fire on Hwy 41 at Yosemite Springs Rd

   A fire was reported at 2:55 PM at Hwy 41 and Yosemite Springs Parkway in Madera County. CalFire is enroute to that location.

Mayor Eric Garcetti Will Remember the Unions

  Eric Garcetti is the newly elected mayor of Los Angeles. One of the first things he needs to do is lead contract negotiations with unions of more than 29,000 city employees.

   It could get interesting since he will remember the $2.7 million they spent trying to defeat him! The payback is ****.

Oldest Official Man Dies at 116

   Jiroemon Kimura of Japan was the oldest man on record. He died today while being treated for pneumonia at 116.

Besides Retro Rock in Beautiful Mountain Ranch Community Park

   Rock and Roll comes to Mountain Ranch June 26, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 8 PM in the Mountain
Ranch Community Park, when Besides plays for Music in the Parks.

Kanye Denies Cheating

   After a woman from Canada claimed she had an affair with Kanye West, Kanye insists she is just trying to get publicity.

   Kim Kardashian is expecting their baby this summer.

Use Caution on Hwy 4 in Copper

   June 12, 2013 at 1:03PM:  An accident has occurred at Hwy 4 and Horseshoe Lane. No injuries were reported.

   CHP is enroute.

Congressional District 07 primary crowded with Republicans

   Ami Bera (D), who took Congressional District 07 away from Dan Lungren,

Yes, we have no bananas....

   A shipment of bananas from South America was opened in a Danish supermarket and were they surprised.

   Instead of bananas, like the box was marked, was 220 lbs (100 kilos) of what police there believe is cocaine.  Columbian drug traffikers made a big boo-boo, it seems.

Cigarettes are medicine in UK

   The UK plans to regulate all nicotine products, including e-cigarettes, as medicines. Very interesting.

   The US should do that. Then smokers, chewers, etc. would officially be druggies?

Francis Gerard Oneto...Cattle Rancher

      Francis Gerard Oneto passed away on Saturday, June 8, 2013 in San Andreas

CalTrans Sweeping and Mowing Hwy 4

  June 12, 2013:   Again today CalTrans crews are out mowing and sweeping Hwy 4 in Calaveras County. Use caution when you see the flashing light.

Dodgers and D-Backs clear the benches

  Last night, June 11, 2013, after three different batters were struck with pitches, both benches of the Dogers and the Diamondbacks cleared and brawl the likes of which we haven't seen in awhile ensued.

   Even the older coaches got involved in the fight. One batter was hit in the face by a pitch.

Tragedy at new 49ers Stadium

  On Tuesday, June 11, 2013 a construction worker died during construction of an elevator at the new 49er stadium in Santa CLara.

   . It was reported that a counter weight for that elevator fell on him, killing him.

Three Wildfires in Colorado--8000 acres gone so far

Royal Gorge Fire
   In a fire that was first reported on Monday, June 10, 2013 afternoon, the total acreage burned