Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some want to strip Boy Scouts of Tax-Exempt Status

  Although the Boy Scouts of American did vote to allow openly gay youths as scouts last week,, some California lawmakers are still pressing for a vote on whether to strip them of their tax-exempt status.

   They still will not allow openly gay leaders in their midst.

Congratulations California State Senate

  We learned that Senate Bill 53 passed today. It requires anyone buying ammuntion to give their fingerprint first. Law abiding legal gun owners should not mind this small preventive measure.

   We congratulate the Senators who care about our children and want to try and prevent senseless killings with guns.

Tom Berryhill now lives in Twain Harte

   We received a press release from state Senator Tom Berryhill today and we learned something important. Berryhill now lists his residence as Twain Harte.

Elizabeth Taylor's Wedding Dress at Auction

      Elizabeth Tayor first married at age 18, a beautiful and already famous actress. Her first husband was Conrad Hilton in 1950.

    The wedding gown she wore that day will sell at Christie's in London on June 26, 2013. Count your pennies if you want it. It is expected to sell for more than $75,000.

UPDATE: Explosion at Ione Biomas Plant Equipment Failure

   According to the Amador County Sheriff's Office, the explosion at the BioMass plant in Ione was caused by equipment failure, per one employee.

   The Buena Vista Biomass Power Plant is older and had been remodeled to some degree, in order to burn wood, instead of coal.

Calaveras Council of Governments meeting

   On June 5, 2013 at 6:30 PM the Calaveras Council of Governments meets  in San Andreas in the Board of Supervisors Chambers.

   On the agenda is the Operating budget for 2013/14 Public hearing.

White Fire in Santa Barbara report

 According to the USFS, as of May 29, 2013, the White Fire, which has burned a total of 1858 acres near Santa Barbara so far is now 85% contained.

CalFire Reports on Fire in Burson

  On May 28, 2013 at 11:27 AM CalFire responded to a structure fire in the 13000 block

OP-ED....Destroying the planet for Record Profits

   by Tom Engelhardt

   Terracide and the Terrarists

   We have a word for the conscious slaughter of a racial or ethnic group: genocide. And one for the

"Redskins is like "N" word to Native Americans".....

   In a letter written to Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, several members of Congress said that the term "Resdkins" is very offensive.

Vehicle hits gas station in Moke Hill

  UPDATE:  At 8:04 AM a CHP unit was sent to the accident.

Explosion at Buena Vista Bio-Mass plant in Ione

  May 29, 2013:   So far we know that one person was injured in an explosion at the Buena Vista Bio-Mass plant in Ione this morning.

   We will give more information as it becomes available.

Tea Party Michelle Bachman

   Early this morning, Michelle Bachman, Congressional Representative from Minnesota and Tea Party favorite announced that she will not seek re-election next year.

   Some have speculated that an investigation into her Presidential campaign last year and some polls that are showing she cannot win another term influenced her decision.

12 year old back in Calaveras Court

   12-year-old Isaiah Fowler will be back in a Calaveras County courtoom today to enter a plea. It is expected that he will plead not guilty.

   Fowler is being held in Placer County at a juvenile facility.