Sunday, March 24, 2013

This looks just like my Neighbor from Hell!

If you put him in a box with no lid, he
couldn't find his way out!!

Mayor Bloomberg puts Money Where his Mouth is

   Mayor Bloomberg, of NYC has backed a $12 million television ad campaign paid for by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, pushing for gun control.

   Some don't have the guts to go against the NRA. Good for Bloomberg!!

Car Lands on Roof

   A man in Glendale lost control of his car and it went down an embankment, landing on the roof of a neighbors home.  No reports of injuries.

La Pierre Wants a Raise?

   The message today is "buy more guns", "buy more guns". The rumor is that La Pierre wants another raise. The million plus he makes now is just not enough?

Dow Could Break Record

   Now that the woes of Cyprus have been satisfied, the Dow could break into record breaking territory this week, say some financial advisors.

"Croods" top Box Office

   The top slot in box office receipts this weekend at $44.6 million, was "Croods", about a bumbling prehistoric family.

    "Olympus Has Fallen", reportedly very violent, came in second with $30.5 million.

Ravens Change Everything

   The Superbowl winning Baltimore Ravens won't look like the same team come this fall. General Manager Ozzie Newsome planned it this way.

69-year-old Man kills adult children

   A 69 year old man called police in Washington to tell them he had shot his 2 adult children in the head.  But it had nothing to do with guns, right?

Dead Whie Supremacist Linked to Colorado murders?

   An ex-convict and white supremacist, who was shot right between the eyes